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2021 Progressive Miami Boat show Order Page

Please be aware of the following before placing your orders for service. To skip reading and just place an order click 

When should I order?

As soon as possible. Although orders can be placed up to and during the show, you will need to order before 01/15/21 in order to take advantage of the discounted rates.  Discounts will not be extended past the deadline. 


5G vs 5GHZ

These are not the same thing.  We don't want to confuse you so we'll let this excellent article explain: https://www.pcmag.com/article/365754/5g-vs-5g-e-vs-5ghz-whats-the-difference

5GHz vs 2.4GHz

For superior wireless connectivity we strongly recommend all devices (POS, laptops, ipads etc) are 5Ghz compatible.  ZikZak will not broadcast on the 2.4GHz WiFi channels. If your devices are not compatible with 5GHz we recommend devices be upgraded.  If upgrading is not an option you can purchase a wired to booth package and connect to the endpoints (devices) via hardwire (see FAQ for more info).

Cellular Service

ZikZak does not provide cellular service.  This is provided by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.  


Standard installation includes:

  • deploying a dedicated hardwire to your booth that is terminated to a wireless access point (AP),

  • mounting the access point at an easily accessible area in or near your booth, 

  • a unique SSID

  • on-site support for the duration of the show

All of your endpoints will connect wirelessly to your private network utilizing the 5Ghz spectrum.  


If you have endpoints that require hardwired connections:

  • a switch that can accommodate up to 3 endpoints will be provided. This equipment is in limited supply and must be requested in advance. 

  • ZikZak will connect the requested hardwire(s) to the switch but exhibitors are responsible for connecting to their endpoints (printers, laptops etc).   

If you require ZikZak to connect to the endpoints please refer to our custom installation package and contact us for additional details.


You will require a custom installation and will be charged an additional fee if:

  • A specific installation design needs to be followed,

  • The AP has to be mounted in a specific location in your booth that is not easy to access,

  • you require more than 3 hardwires to connect to various endpoints

  • A secondary access point is needed

  • you require us to wire the LAN or AP to multiple endpoints (printers, laptops).

Please contact us for pricing details.